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Jared and Kira Troilo met when they were in first grade, and the pair had their first date when they were 15. Over the last few years, Jared Troilo has emerged as one of the most charismatic leading men on the Boston stage, while Kira Troilo has worked as an actress and choreographer.


They’re evenly matched in “The Last Five Years,” whether performing separately (nearly all of the songs are solos) or together (in the brief moments when Jamie and Cathy directly interact). Both Troilos communicate the full measure of ardor, humor, and aching loss in Brown’s quasi-autobiographical musical.

-The Boston Globe

Kira’s soaring vocals depict Cathy’s fragility, sheer determination, and playful optimism in I Can Do Better Than That.  Another highlight involves Kira reflecting on A Summer in Ohio, portraying Cathy’s dry sense of humor and insecurity.  However, she is the most enchanting in Goodbye until Tomorrow.   

-The Sleepless Critic

June, played by Kira Troilo, is a darling ham filling the spotlight, and Louise, played by Kirsten Salpini, is her shy and awkward antithesis.

-Headliners In Education

He has found his June in Kira Troilo who gives us the fair haired daughter who finally realizes she has to flee the smothering grip of her mother. She is the child who realizes that in order to become a woman she has to walk away from it all. At first her character seems very superficial, but Ms Troilo gives her a sensitivity and a humanity that allows us to respect June and leaves us knowing she will make a good life for herself.

-Boxing Over Broadway

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