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Kira Troilo
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
Art & Soul Consulting | EDI for the Arts


I believe empathy, compassion, and open-mindedness are key ingredients of the work of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. And only when we enter into conversations wholeheartedly and with a growth mindset — only in environments where the sharing of viewpoints and experiences is valued as much as deep listening — can we be successful. Only then can we forge powerful connections that lead to profound learning, understanding and lasting change.

In any organization, but especially in theater and the arts, people wear many hats and often work under a time crunch. While professionals juggle the responsibilities and pressures of hectic jobs, it can be difficult to keep a pulse on the environment. The important work of creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive workplace can be neglected in the hustle and bustle of putting up a show or getting a job done. But creative professionals cannot freely and fully express their most vulnerable selves when they feel unseen, unheard, undervalued or unsafe. I believe there should always be a person on hand dedicated solely to the crucial work of EDI in creative spaces.

I think of myself as equal parts cheerleader and change-maker. As a consultant and guide, my goal is to support and empower while never tearing my attention away from injustice or inequity. I aim to create spaces that feel safe and inclusive enough to allow for difficult conversations and deeper connection — for the freedom of expression and emotional vulnerability required to make meaningful art in a community of true belonging. I aim to achieve this by encouraging calm, compassion and curiosity while also setting clear guidelines and boundaries for kind, respectful, honest and productive conversation.

I understand the anxiety and fear this work can generate. I approach all environments with care, and I meet all open-minded people wherever they are along their personal journey. EDI is the work of all people. And only when we feel safe, supported, valued and motivated enough can we genuinely engage in this work and make real, sustainable change.

Kira Troilo (she/her) is the founder and lead Equity, Diversity & Inclusion consultant of Art & Soul Consulting. She's a Boston-based creative who has been doing the work of EDI consulting, without the title, for decades. In 2021, after serving for 12 years as the Managing Editor of an online media company, she received formal training — earning her certificate in Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace from ESSEC Business School and anti-racism training from Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC). She strives to serve as an open door and bridge builder through her blog (, writing frequently about her experiences as a Black, biracial woman, creative professional and mother. Her article about Black maternal health has received national attention, and her articles about diversity and theater have been published in such outlets as BroadwayWorld and StageSource.

Kira has advised, consulted and mediated for many Boston arts organizations, and consults regularly with out-of-town arts organizations as well. She serves as a member of Moonbox Productions’ EDI advisory council and also as a board member for the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund (TCBF). Kira takes an empathetic approach to her work and believes that mindfulness is the key to growth, change and genuine connection.

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