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Kira started out her movement journey as a gymnast, rising to level 10 by high school. But when she decided to attend Emerson college to pursue a writing career, she traded in gymnastics for dance. Kira studied jazz, ballet and African dance in college, both at Emerson and at Jeanette Neil studio in Boston, but quickly found that she brought her own distinct, contemporary style from her gymnastics floor routines to her own choreography. She started off by choreographing educationally, then eventually breaking into choreographing for regional productions for adults in the Boston area. Kira was nominated for an Elliott Norton award for her choreography for Moonbox Production's acclaimed production of Parade in 2019, and was also nominated for an IRNE award for her work on The Little Mermaid at Fiddlehead Theatre Company. Kira is a very hands-on choreographer, always up on her feet with her dancers, working closely with them to create the most effective and emotionally resonant stories possible through movement.

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